Schlam Cru’s Expansion; Led by David Shoesmith

Schlam Cru’s Expansion; Led by David Shoesmith

It’s becoming more apparent that Schlam Cru continues to surge forward with unstoppable momentum, introducing a barrage of new initiatives in recent times. Among these new developments, the launch of Schlam Cru’s expansion into other commodity markets marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey.

With a proven track record of excellence in mechanical operations and a profound comprehension of the intricate challenges inherent to the mining industry, David Shoesmith emerges as the obvious leader for Schlam Cru’s newly established Southern Region Business unit. Armed with a reservoir of experience and an unwavering passion for his craft, David stands poised to steer the division towards unparalleled success.

His vision for the Southern Region is clear: to provide an exceptional experience to Schlam’s partners., ensuring that their operations run seamlessly and efficiently. With a focus on maintaining the strong culture established by the team and leveraging the company’s reputation for excellence, David is determined to capitalize on the potential for growth within Schlam Cru.

Having worked his way up the ranks as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic, David’s approach emphasises collaboration and a supportive work environment, recognising the importance of teamwork in achieving success. He is excited about the opportunity to lead the division and is eager to see where the team can take Schlam Cru in the future.

“Schlam Cru has been well set up and established by the team over the last few years, the culture they’ve have set is amazing to work in with a relaxed and helpful environment. The company has heaps of potential to grow due to the reputation set by the field employees, so I’m keen to see where we can take it” David said.

David underscores Schlam Cru’s focus on delivering high-quality employees to clients as a paramount priority. This commitment to excellence has been mastered by Schlam, setting the company apart in the industry.

“My vision is to cultivate a powerhouse team of skilled and high-performing tradespeople in the Southern region,” David said.

“By focusing on our clients and exceeding expectations, I am confident in our ability to meet the surging demand for labour in the region. I am excited to lead the charge, expand Schlam Cru’s presence, and cement our standing in the market.” He adds.

Schlam Cru is thrilled to welcome David’s exceptional talent to the team and eagerly anticipates the profound impact he will bring to the business.

“David is the perfect person to spearhead our expansion. With his talent, expertise, and commitment to delivering high-performing teams, I’m thrilled to have him part of the Cru. We are all looking forward to seeing David thrive in his new role.” Cameron, General Manager – Cru Mechanical Technical Services, said. 

Welcome David!

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