Our Commitment


Our Commitment

OUR commitment to those who rely on us


We provide world-leading mining truck bodies and loading buckets combined with a high-quality mobile fleet maintenance solution.
Through these products and services we contribute to the resources industry by helping our customers to be more productive, and to assist them in meeting the specific purposes to which they have committed.

Our responsibilities, which we take extremely seriously, are to provide exceptional value to our customers, to create rewarding careers for all our people, and to contribute in a meaningful way to communities in which we live and operate, a substantial part of which includes the global natural environment.

In short, we are accountable to everyone who relies on us.


Ensuring our customer experience is exceptional

We exceed our customers’ expectations, through customised product design, technology, manufacturing and on-site technical servicing. We make our customers’ equipment more productive and less carbon-intensive. We think differently and provide innovative solutions.

Building better careers through technology

As a category-leading manufacturing and fleet maintenance business, we are constantly innovating, investing in automation, robotics and other cutting-edge technologies providing our people with an increasingly digitalised experience, enhanced digital skills and ensuring more meaningful, more fulfilling careers.

Championing integrity and ethics with our suppliers

We truly value our suppliers, engaging them as partners, determined that their engagement with us is both beneficial and rewarding. Large and small, we are committed to each other’s success.

Investing in our team members

We engage our team members to help them achieve their goals and aspirations allowing both individually and collectively to contribute to the success of our business. We remunerate fairly and we support each other with learning and development initiatives that help us develop the skills required for our rapidly changing world. We feed off diversity, dignity, integrity, and respect, and we remain humble at all times, ensuring we are a flexible, inclusive place to work.

Supporting the communities in which we live and work

Our role is to foster healthy and happy communities everywhere that we have an influence, and we strive to contribute to our growth together, encouraging our team members to take time and engage with the communities in which they live and work, and to bring their whole selves to work. We especially foster and encourage the inclusion of indigenous, and new members of the communities in which we operate.

Taking global climate responsibility

We join the commitments of our global community, companies and governments, to achieve net zero emissions by 2040. Our focus is on reducing emissions across our entire operating environment, and we work with clients and suppliers alike, supporting all endeavours to reduce their carbon footprint and improve productivity.

Generating long-term value for shareholders

We are committed to good governance, transparency, effective engagement and superior returns for our shareholders who, in turn, provide the capital that allows us to invest, innovate and grow.

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