A Decade Of Dedication: Paul Clarke Celebrates 10 Years At Schlam

A Decade Of Dedication: Paul Clarke Celebrates 10 Years At Schlam

Dedication, hard work, and commitment are virtues that never go unnoticed. These are the traits that Paul Clarke has demonstrated over the past decade at Schlam. Join us as we celebrate Paul’s remarkable 10-year journey, gaining insight into the evolution of Schlam and Paul’s time at the company. 

Paul’s Schlam journey began in 2012 at Boddington Newmont Gold and Copper Mine as a Boilermaker Welder. The ground conditions at Boddington are rough, consisting of incredibly hard blue rock which over time takes it’s toll on mining equipment. This was where Paul had his first encounter with the Hercules Dump Body – a curved design that has revolutionized the payload capacity of haul trucks. 

“We all really liked the Hercules tray, as it seemed to flex rather than crack” Paul said. 

By 2016, Paul had witnessed the quick expansion of the Schlam Group, as an in-house engineering team was introduced and finally, the Pilbara Division came into play, including workshops in Newman, Tom Price and Paraburdoo. 

“Since Newmont had introduced their own maintenance employees, the Schlam team moved from the Peel Region to the Pilbara. The first three years in the Pilbara were slow, but now it’s full steam ahead for the People Solutions division, solidifying Schlam in Western Australia’s mining industry” Paul said. 

Despite the many changes Paul has experienced at Schlam, he has remained committed to his job. Working long hours in extreme conditions, Paul has never wavered in his dedication to his craft. 

In today’s current market, employee loyalty and dedication can be hard to come by, likely due to the competition amongst mining companies, all offering a pretty penny for talented trades, but also due to the lack of appreciation for employee loyalty, with long-term employees often being overlooked. 

Companies that value their employees, invest in their development, and celebrate their milestones and achievements, are more likely to attract top talent as they’ll have a competitive edge in the market. Employees that are committed to the journey, will ultimately help the company succeed in the long run. 

“Schlam offers a strong field of labour coverage with great company support personnel and management. Inherently, Schlam was awarded Employer of the Year 2022 and became Great Place to Work certified in 2023, leaving one to become very proud” Paul said.

“I’ve been a part of the Schlam family for 10 years and I intend to be until retirement”. 

When employees reach a milestone like 10 years, it’s a time to celebrate and show appreciation for all they do. Paul is an invaluable member of the Schlam team, with his story being inspirational for those around him. 

Whether you’ve been in the mining industry for several years or if you are trying to get your foot in the door, with some hard work, commitment and a great team supporting you, there is no doubt you’ll succeed. 

Congratulations, Paul, on this remarkable achievement, and thank you for choosing Schlam for your career journey. 

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