International Men’s Health Week; Schlam’s Inspiration For Getting Fit & Healthy!

International Men’s Health Week; Schlam’s Inspiration For Getting Fit & Healthy!

Are you ready to kickstart your health and wellness journey? What better time to do it than alongside ‘International Men’s Health Week’? A time dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of men’s health and encouraging men to prioritize their well-being. 

Now we know starting a new fitness regime is easier said than done, especially with winter well and truly at our doorstep, but we’ve found some motivation from one of Schlam’s very own, Darin, which will inspire your well-being journey. 

Darin has been Schlam’s Accountant for over 5 years. But don’t let the pressed ironed shirts and the ‘accountant’ stereotype fool you – this man is as ‘outdoorsy’ as they come! With an impressive run-sheet of hiking, ironman and over 150 cycling races and experiences riding in many parts of Australia and overseas, Darin’s sporting repertoire is truly impressive. 

Hiking the Stirling Ranges Ridge Top Walk, rated the toughest hike in WA, would be enough to turn many people off. Remarkably, Darin has completed the hike three times! Moreover, Darin has completed the Melbourne Marathon in 3:18hrs, cycled the French and Italian Alps like the Col du Galibier (2642m high), and qualified to represent Australia in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, held in Perth in 2016. 

Throughout his time on the track, Darin has learnt the critical importance of discipline in nutrition and hydration strategies, especially in hot weather. 

“Using electrolyte drinks appropriately vs straight water is really important to minimize dehydration,” Darin says. 

Knowing how to fuel his body and understanding how hydration can affect performance is one of the many things he has learnt along the way. 

“I enjoy the challenges of pushing myself on the bike and competing. The mental aspects of racing are fascinating to me. When you are going flat out trying to win a race, you have to be in the moment and very focused.”

When Darin reflects on why he continues to push his body to the limits, he puts it all down to having a strong mindset and using exercise as a form of meditation. 

“I have learnt many things – like the fact that you can achieve more than you thought possible with dedication and hard work. You don’t need to be talented or blessed with great DNA to really benefit from and enjoy exercise.”

Unlike many athletes who will tell you their exercise routine is going very well and they’re crushing it, you’ll never hear Darin say he is ‘on a roll’. Instead, he will simply say that he’s training hard and getting better each day. And that’s the secret to his success. According to Darin, it’s not about setting a goal and hitting it. It’s about breaking down your limits, accepting that you are going to fail sometimes, and pushing forward again and again. 

Whether you have a long-term goal of completing an Ironman, or you’re simply looking for a way to get in shape and make friends, you owe it to yourself to try. It may not be easy – but it’s not impossible. To get the most out of your personal best, you need to pay close attention to the nutrition and hydration strategies that will get you through the race’s toughest moments. 

Don’t wait another day – it’s time to get moving and become the best version of yourself! 

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