Why Wa Is A Great Place To Start Your Career In Mining

Why Wa Is A Great Place To Start Your Career In Mining

With fantastic weather, affordable quality housing, awesome outdoor activities, low crime rates and an expanding job market, Western Australia is one of the best places to live and work in the world right now! 

With the city’s relaxed pace of life and warm, friendly atmosphere, you’ll feel like you’re on a permanent R&R here in WA. Isolated though it may be, Perth is nonetheless blessed with some of the best beaches in the country, epic fishing spots and boundless regions to explore. 

No road tolls, no huge traffic delays and a mirid of free local activities for young and old – Perth could possibly be that slice of heaven you have been looking for. 

Perth is a city built on the coast, on a flat plain, with the Swan River dividing the city. It has the Darling Scarp as a boundary on the east and the vast Indian Ocean to the west. With world-class wineries and surfing spots to the south, the rugged outback to its north and over 12,500kms of coastline, you’re bound to find a secluded fishing spot without even trying! 

If you have a family, or are thinking about starting one, migrating to Perth will let you bring them up in safe, secure place with a real small-town feel. There’s no shortage of interesting places to take them on weekends or school holidays that are not too far of a hike away from the metro area. 

Camping, fishing, 4WD, mountain biking and water sports are quintessential to life in sunny WA. If you are into any of these activities, nothing can compare with the endless outstretched beaches, crystal-clear blue waters, and wide-open spaces.

WA is Australia’s mining powerhouse and there is a huge current skills shortage. Nothing can contest WA’s massive iron ore operations in the Pilbara, which provides some of the biggest mining projects in the world. 

Depending on which site you work at, flights are between 1-2 hours away from Perth, often with the airstrip on the mine site itself. FIFO salaries can fetch from $140,000 – $200,000 annually, with rosters that are becoming increasingly family-friendly. Swings can vary between 8/6, 2/1 and 7/7 and you can expect 12-hour shifts as an industry standard. 

The sector produces more than 50 different minerals from about 125 operating projects across Western Australia alone. 

As part of its work to deliver the skilled labour needed to support Western Australia’s strong economy and jobs market, the McGowan Government has recently made changes to its migration program to ensure WA is the State of choice for skilled workers migrating to Australia.

The McGowan Government will amend the State nomination criteria by introducing some temporary measures, including:

  • waiving the $200 application fee;
  • halving the requirement to have an employment contract from 12 months to six months;
  • reducing requirements for applicants to demonstrate sufficient funds;
  • removing additional English requirements for professional and manager occupations, and;
  • reducing work experience requirements for the 2022-23 program year to attract more skilled workers to WA.

Perth is both refreshingly laid-back and excitingly vibrant. Not to mention, the food, wine and craft beer scene is booming. If you’re single and ready to mingle, the social scene is both welcoming and friendly. 

Better still, the housing market in WA is super affordable! Another surprising advantage of buying a house in Perth is that they are typically newer than those on the East Coast. With strong commodity prices and solid investments across the resource sector, it is expected the Perth housing market will perform better than its eastern state counterparts. 

If you’d prefer to rent, at least until you work out where you want to set down more permanent roots, Perth is your best and cheapest bet there too.  

Let’s face it, there are plenty of reasons to choose Western Australia to start your career in mining. Better still Schlam is always looking for the best talent in the business and have plenty of job openings for mechanical, fabrication and high-pressure cleaning trades right now. To find out more, chat with us about our career opportunities by emailing RECURITMENT@SCHLAM.COM or visiting SCHLAM.COM/CAREERS

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