Marketing Professional Brings His Expertise To Schlam

Marketing Professional Brings His Expertise To Schlam

Marketing… it’s the department that all organisations need but one that many struggle to fully understand. Is it sales, advertising, public relations or product development? Our answer is simple, it’s all of these things and more! 

It’s easy to put marketing in a box and think that as long as the social media accounts are being updated every week, we are getting what we need from our marketing team. Well you couldn’t be more wrong!

At Schlam, we understand the value of having an outstanding marketing team. It’s the team that will take any company from good to incredible! As Schlam has grown, the need for more marketing professionals continues to increase and luckily, we have found the perfect person to join our team and take us to the next level. 

Introducing Eddy, our new Marketing Specialist for Payload Solutions. 

For those of you that don’t know, Payload Solutions is responsible for the manufacturing and production of our mining equipment. It’s a department that never stops and is turning out more products than ever before, so finding someone with a wealth of knowledge in marketing and the mining industry, who can hit the ground running was a must! 

“I’ve been involved with marketing since graduating from uni – a long time ago! In that time I’ve seen a lot of things change, particularly in the digital space. Marketing people have also become more hands on” Eddy explained.

Eddy has worked across a broad range of industries in Australia, including construction, transport and utilities, as well as the mining industry.

“I’ve worked for BGC, Vermeer, ComfortDelGro, Synergy, Alinta and Swick Mining Services” Eddy said. 

We know what you’re thinking, these a some pretty big names so why the move to Schlam? 

“There’s several reasons really but a big one is I’ve always admired the Hercules product. It’s also great to be a part of a WA company that is taking on the world” Eddy explained. 

Schlam has made a name for itself in the Western Australian market, and with our presence in QLD and NSW also growing, the natural next step would be to branch out nationwide and perhaps one day overseas. 

Taking on unchartered waters certainly comes with an array of challenges, so it was important to have a Marketing Specialist who had experience doing so and could help guide Schlam in the right direction. 

“I’ve worked for several brands around Australia and was also lucky enough to take my career overseas. Schlam is a growing company, in Australia and international markets, so I’d like to use my previous experience to be a part of that” he said. 

With so much worldly experience under Eddy’s belt, how does his role at Schlam differ from those he has had previously? 

“My role at Schlam will continue to be very diverse. I’ve always liked diversity in my work and being hands on. One day I could be onsite getting grubby and taking photos, the next I could be developing a strategic marketing plan.” He explained. 

In terms of the culture however, there are a few surprises that Eddy has encountered when he first joined the team. 

“I was really surprised by the friendliness and professionalism of the team. My induction was ‘world class’. Being a team player, I felt right at home, even during the recruitment stage. Another surprise.. the choice of coffee! Seriously we are just so spoilt. I mean dirty chai, come on, that’s too much.” Eddy said. 

Now that Eddy has had the chance to settle in and assess the long list of priorities Schlam has, he has provided some insight into his own plan’s for Schlam. 

“I’d like to explore the environmental benefits that our payload products can offer our customers. It’s something I’ve done before in previous roles which would help to further amplify the strength of our brand.” He said. 

“I’m very keen to put my thinking cap on and help develop strategies for our brand to be present at ever mind in the world.” 

Outside the office, Eddy is a travelling and camping enthusiast, with his recent experiences being Karijini and the Nothern Territory. Eddy also makes sure to take the time to head to the gym, where he can unwind. Eddy also loves to surf however in his own words “isn’t very good at it!”

Welcome to the team Eddy! We can’t wait to see your brilliant marketing strategies come to life. 

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