Waroona; Where It All Started

Waroona; Where It All Started

Nothing can quite compare to the quick progression and evolution of the mining industry but when we reflect on where Schlam is today, we can’t help but think that our 25 year history is quite spectacular! 

After being in business since 1996, Schlam Welding was renamed to be Schlam Engineering in 2011, with a state-of-the-art 2,000 square metre facility opening in Waroona. Four short years later, Waroona was quickly expanded to take on bigger projects. 

Our branch manager Sheree, who has just celebrated her 10-year anniversary with Schlam, reflects on the changes since the opening of the branch. 

“The role of the Waroona branch within Schlam has changed significantly. Once upon a time it was the head office for Schlam, whereas these days Waroona would be considered the ‘baby’ of the company”. 

Of course, when you compare Waroona to our Forrestfield workshop, you can quickly see the difference in terms of capacity but as we all know size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it that counts. 

Waroona is a crucial component of the day-to-day running’s of Schlam, with the branch being mainly a refurbishment facility, alongside bucket builds and fabrication works. In addition, Sheree has provided an inside on what to expect from Waroona over the coming years. 

“We are looking to establish ourselves as the bucket building facility for the entire company. This is a big switch from being predominantly a refurbishment facility, to becoming more of a manufacturing facility” she said.

With such great plan’s ahead, a solid team is paramount for the continued success of the brand and fortunately we have exactly that. 

There are currently 30 people working within our Waroona branch, consisting of mainly Boilermakers and Welders, as well as 6 Apprentices who are currently undertaking our fantastic Apprenticeship Program. 

Several opportunities are available to progress within the company and a clear example of successful career development within Schlam is Clay, who started at the company as an Apprentice and worked his way up the ranks to become a Supervisor. 

“I think this demonstrates a great loyalty and work culture within the Waroona Brand. Lots of opportunities for upskilling, cross skilling and developing your career” Sheree said. 

Located in the Peel Region, Waroona is a 1.5 hour drive from our Welshpool Head Office and Forrestfield Workshop. For some, this may be a bit too far from city living but spend one day there and you could easily be persuaded to stay, due to the number of perks when living in a country location. 

“Waroona is in a fantastic location with close proximity to so much! The weir and dam are both within 10 minutes from town. There are several bike and walking tracks located nearby in Dwellingup for those wanting a bit more adventure or you can take a short 25-minute drive to the beach” Sheree said. 

Being a small country town, there is a great sense of community and belonging. 

“We are actively involved with local community groups and have a great relationship with local businesses in the area. We support the majority of local clubs and schools with fundraising. Anything we can do to help! Sheree explained. 

So whilst the majority of mine sites are located in the north-west, we can’t overlook the mighty contribution that the tiny pocket of the Peel Region has made to the industry. 

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