Schlam Finalises Acquisition Of Tpcm

Schlam Finalises Acquisition Of Tpcm

Sixteen years ago, serial entrepreneur, Darren Waters saw an opportunity to deliver a high-pressure cleaning service to the Pilbara mining clients better than anyone had ever done before.

Starting with one man, one vehicle, a pressure cleaner, and a mission to provide a great service, Darren took his concept to the WA mining industry and hasn’t looked back since.

THE PILBARA CLEAN MACHINES (TPCM) fast became a leading provider of sophisticated high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning for structural repairs and maintenance for earthmoving and mining equipment. It quickly established an excellent reputation for its unwavering service and exceptional results.

Fast forward nine years later, Schlam saw a rare opportunity to acquire 75% of TPCM and July 2022 now marks a remarkable milestone in Schlam’s 25 year history – taking full ownership of TPCM under the Schlam Group.

TPCM’s fleet is specifically designed to carry out high-pressure cleaning in the harshest environments. Over the years, TPCM has worked closely with suppliers to create user-friendly and reliable equipment to ensure the best results for our customers.

TPCM has since expanded its scope of work to complement its existing services by providing site-based high-pressure cleaning packages. Our fleet of equipment is complemented by highly trained and committed personnel to allow us to complete the job on time, every time.

Sean Chandler, Business Manager of TPCM, attests to the legacy Darren leaves behind as he officially hands over the reins to Schlam.

“Darren was able to see a vision that no one else saw at the time. Darren has been fundamental in establishing Schlam as a well-respected and known brand in the Pilbara.” Sean said.

“Our goal is to drive operational efficiency with less downtime and more tool time, creating a safer work environment that allows skilled tradespeople to perform their tasks in a more timely and safer manner.” Sean continues.

Finishing his tenure with over 50 assets, 35 staff and lifelong friends, Darren was also responsible for giving so many employees the opportunity to step into a mining career.

“I wish them all the best and hope to see it grow and prosper further now fully embedded into the Schlam Group,” Darren said.

Darren attributes the success of TPCM to all the staff, work colleagues, customers and suppliers that have worked alongside him, including his wife and family for supporting him.

“For all the staff I have been able to give a step into mining to advance your careers I wish you well.” He adds.

TPCM continues to deliver on its turn-key service. After all, mechanics can’t fix what they can’t see. Failing to identify maintenance issues can become a costly problem. The team at TPCM, now fully supported by the Schlam Group, are the best people in the business.

We wish Darren the best in his future endeavors.

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