Opening Doors For Highly Skilled Migrants

Opening Doors For Highly Skilled Migrants

With many Australian industries facing a skills shortage and migration levels still low after the Australian border reopening, how can employers manage their workforce planning? Schlam has decided to tackle both these hurdles by opening up opportunities for skilled migrants to join their rapidly growing workforce.

Meet Wilmer and Kenneth, originally from the Philippines. They are the newest recruits to the Schlam People Solutions mechanical team who begin work this week in WA’s north-west.

Warmly welcomed by well-respected Schlam employee Chris (left), who was also born and bred in the Philippines, Chris knows first-hand what opportunities lie ahead for them.

“Because of the pandemic, I hadn’t been home with my family (wife and kids) in the Philippines for more than two years and I missed them. I still had to keep on moving forward in life.” He reflects.

“Thanks to Schlam for giving me the opportunity to join the team and for allowing me to have the choices I want and need”. Chris explains.

Both Wilmer and Kenneth, along with Joseph who will join us later in August, are the first employees of Schlam that are employed under a Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482), or TSS visas as they are commonly called.

TSS visas are temporary work permits that allow Australian employers to sponsor a person from overseas to work in their business here in Australia. This visa is designed to allow employers to sponsor a suitably skilled foreign worker to fill a position for which a qualified Australian candidate cannot be found. In this current labour crisis, finding qualified candidates is becoming increasingly challenging.

This prompted Schlam to consider collaboration with the migration agent and the Department of Home Affairs to take on 482 sponsorships. As a result of some lengthy discussions and clever planning, Schlam was able to secure the three visa placements with relative ease.

Thankfully, the timing of these placements for Wilmer, Kenneth and Joseph, couldn’t have been more serendipitous. The start of the financial year marked an overhaul of the Australian migration program, opening up new opportunities for people from overseas to secure career opportunities on a more permanent basis. This change will now make it easier for TSS visa holders to apply for permanent residency and serve to recognise highly skilled migrant workers who want to call Australia home. .

Mat Rigby, General Manager of Schlam People Solutions, was the driving force behind the sponsorship project and is now thrilled by the placements of Wilmer, Kenneth, and Joseph.

“This is an exciting new chapter for Schlam. Providing opportunities for skilled migrants to thrive and prosper in the WA mining industry turns a new leaf for all involved – it is a win for the employee, for Schlam and for the entire sector.” He said.

“From here, we can look at extending their visa or assisting them with applying for permanent residency. We can also look at assisting them in bringing their families over to live in Australia too, which can allow for a prosperous future for their children.” Mat explains.

We wish Wilmer, Kenneth, and Joseph the best in their new jobs here in WA.

Do you know any HD Mechanics who will benefit from a Permanent Residency VISA? Get them to apply now VISA – PERMANENT RESIDENCY – HD MECHANICS

Or email us for more information at RECRUITMENT@SCHLAM.COM

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