Schlam Cru Recognised At Australian Business Awards

Schlam Cru Recognised At Australian Business Awards

Schlam Cru are thrilled to announce that they have been recognised as an Employer of Choice [EOC®] in The Australian Business Awards 2023. This incredible recognition is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the team, who work tirelessly to create an exceptional experience that harnesses the full potential of its talented workforce.

The EOC® award is a national accolade that celebrates organisations who prioritise the development of leading workplaces. Through our well-established policies and practices, Schlam Cru have successfully fostered an environment that promotes effective employee recruitment, engagement, and retention.

This achievement would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of the entire team, from the spanner spinners to the number crunchers. Each and every member has played a crucial role in ensuring that they provide a better experience for its people and customers. From the initial stages of recruitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and continuous growth, this award has recongnised the commitment to going above and beyond to create the best possible environment for people to thrive. 

General Manager of Schlam Cru, Mat Rigby is proud of his team’s recent recognition. 

“Being an Employer of Choice further validates Schlam’s commitment to its ideology. The team has consistently demonstrated their dedication to our company’s mission and values, and this award serves as a testament to their unwavering efforts.” Mat said. 

“This award motivates us to continuously strive for excellence. By investing in our workforce, we hope to foster a workplace that not only maximises their potential but also creates a sense of belonging and fulfillment.” Mat continues. 

Congratulations Schlam Cru! 

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