How To Nail Your FIFO Job Interview

How To Nail Your FIFO Job Interview

Receiving a call with an interview request is a great feeling. It means that all the hard work you put into your resume has finally paid off and you are one step closer to your dream role. 

It’s certainly a boost to your confidence and you feel like you tackle just about anything. But then reality sets in and you realise there is one hurdle left to jump – the interview. 

It’s natural to feel nervous or anxious in the lead up to your interview. This is your time to truly shine and finding that balance between confidence and too much confidence, can be a tricky path to navigate. 

Luckily, our Schlam recruiters are full of hot tips and just like our 6 TIPS ON HOW TO STRUCTURE YOUR RESUME, we are here to help you nail your job interview! 

1. Prior Preparation 

Research the company you are interviewing for. Whether you jump on their website or go through their social media pages, it’s all crucial information that can you feel more confident walking into your interview. 

Watch some YouTube videos or research common questions so you can prepare and memorize your answers ahead of time. Some questions may differ but at least you have done the groundwork and can easily adapt your responses to suit. 

2. Arriving to your interview 

Don’t be late. If you happen to arrive super early, look at it as more time to practice your answers, read through your questions and give yourself a good old pep talk! 

By gathering all your tickets, licenses and qualifications and having these documents readily available, it will help to showcase your incredible organisational skills and gives you something to refer to during the interview. 

Before heading into the office, double check who you are interviewing with. It’s possible you may be meeting with someone other than your first contact so make sure you know who to ask for. 

3. First Impressions 

Your personal presentation will greatly depend on the role you are applying for. Typically, FIFO roles will be a bit more relaxed, with the dress code being focused on personal hygiene and being presentable, instead of what colour tie you are wearing – your sunglasses, hats, thongs and hoodies can all stay in the car. 

if you are unsure, consider wearing PPE. This will easily allow the interviewer to see you in the role you are going for. 

Be sure to practice a strong handshake and maintain eye contact throughout the interview. Both practices show your interest and dedication towards the position and organisation. 

4. Talk About Yourself 

Talking yourself up doesn’t come naturally for most people, however, give yourself credit where it’s due and highlight your accomplishments and career wins – be proud of what you have achieved. 

In saying that, there is such a thing as overselling yourself so make sure what you are saying is factual and you can back it up in the long run. 

Listen to the questions asked and answer directly. If you didn’t quite understand, ask the interviewer to clarify. 

5. Question Time

At the end of every interview, you will be asked ‘Do you have any questions?’ and your response to this is just as important as the others. 

Some questions might include ‘Are there any career progression opportunities available?’, ‘How large is the team I’ll work in?’ or ‘Who would I be reporting to?’

Remember, this is your time to determine if this company is the right fit for YOU! 

6. The Follow Up

Whilst recruiters will contact you to confirm if you’ve been successful in securing the role, it is recommended you follow up around 3 days after your interview if you are yet to get a call back. 

This will show your continued interest in the role and will put you in the forefront of the recruiters’ minds – a bonus if they are still deliberating. 

So there you have it, simple tips that will make a lasting impact when interviewing for your dream role! 

Want to apply for a job at Schlam? Send an email to RECRUITMENT@SCHLAM.COM with your current resume or visit our CAREERS PAGE for more information. 

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