Celebrating Our 100th Barracuda Bucket

Celebrating Our 100th Barracuda Bucket

Schlam Payload recently celebrated a momentous milestone – the production of our 100th Barracuda Bucket.

This achievement is a testament to the extraordinary dedication, hard work, and craftmanship of our incredible team. It is their unwavering commitment that has brought us to this proud moment, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share in this success.

The journey of the Barracuda Bucket began in 2017 at Schlam’s Forrestfield facility, where we built our very first bucket. The exceptional performance of that initial bucket showcased the remarkable skill and dedication of our team, quickly earning recognition and widespread adoption by major mining operations. Our innovation and quality set us apart from the start.

Over the next five years, we produced an overall of 30 buckets at both our Forrestfield and Waroona workshops. Then, in 2022, demand for our Barracuda buckets surged, and we rose to the occasion, making the Waroona Branch the sole manufacturer of our buckets and went on to produce 70 more buckets in less than three years.

This rapid growth underscores not only the market’s recognition of our superior products but also the relentless effort and adaptability of our team.

Our Waroona team, comprising around 40 dedicated individuals – all residents of Waroona and the surrounding Peel Region – truly reflects Schlam’s commitment to ‘supporting the communities in which we live and work’.

Each time a Barracuda bucket leaves our site, it carries with it the pride and craftmanship of our Waroona team. Alongside their consistent delivery of buckets each month, the team also excels in smaller fabrication projects and bucket overhauls, showcasing their versatility and commitment to quality.

The journey has not been without its challenges, but our team has continually adapted and thrived. Led by our Branch Manager, Sheree, and Workshop Manager, Clay, the Waroona team has fine-tuned their manufacturing processes to ensure timely delivery and maintain the high standards of excellence established with the first bucket in 2017.

“During my 12 years at Schlam Waroona, the 100th Bucket milestone is one of the achievements I’m proud to be a part of. The remarkable evolution of the buckets we produce, and the transformation of the Waroona facility to meet the growing demand for our product, is a testament to the team’s dedication and hard work.”

“This accomplishment is a credit to the entire team, and we should all be incredibly proud of what we have achieved together” Sheree said.

As we celebrate the production of our 100th Barracuda Bucket, we honour the dedication and hard work of every individual who has contributed to our success.

This milestone is a tribute to each of you, whose relentless efforts have built not just buckets, but a legacy of excellence.

Together, we look forward to many more achievements and continued success in the mining industry.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment and passion. Here’s to many more milestones together!

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