Supporting our STEM Stars

Supporting our STEM Stars

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics. While these disciplines may not appeal to everyone, they do play a major part in our lives – at work and at home.

Recently we played our part in showing students that STEM can be rewarding, and fun. Through STEM, students develop many key skills, including problem solving, creativity, critical analysis and teamwork. 

As a leading provider of mining equipment and engineering services, STEM forms the foundation of what we do as a company, and for many, the roles we undertake at Schlam. Whether it’s designing a new dump body, or event posting this blog, we’re essentially using STEM skills. 

Our team was proud to nurture future STEM stars at a recent event – fittingly, right where our company started. 

The STEMathon was recently hosted by St Joseph’s School in Waroona. The community event was supported by many leading businesses and volunteers, showing students the importance of STEM and how STEM knowledge is applied beyond the classroom. 

Students were able to participate in a number of STEM related activities, including sherbet making, virtual reality experiences and robotics. 

Our own LEGO Grand Master Owen Davis showed future STEM stars all about LEGO racing. 

“The event was a resounding success, with students being able to engage with leading technologies, and the people driving these in industry,” said Sharni Silvestri, St Joseph’s STEM and Enrichment Coordinator. “This type of event goes a long way to creating interest among students to pursue STEM subjects and careers.”

Schlam Waroona Branch Manager Sheree Clancy was delighted with the event. “It’s always great to support our local community. We joined other businesses to show that STEM is important, and also fun.”

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