Sheree Celebrates 10 Years At Schlam

Sheree Celebrates 10 Years At Schlam

When you find true employee loyalty, companies should do everything in their power to acknowledge it, respect it and appreciate it. Schlam has always been proud of its loyal workforce, especially when it comes to Sheree, Branch Manager of Waroona, who has just celebrated her remarkable 10 year tenure.

After working as an Assistant Manager for six years within her family run hardware business in Harvey, Sheree knew that she had outgrown the company and needed something different, a change and a new challenge.

When Sheree saw the opportunity to join Schlam as an Accounts Manager, she decided to take a chance and go for it. A big drawcard for Sheree was the welcoming environment at Schlam which helped her feel at home.

“When I first started at Schlam it was very much a family business with Ryan, Barry, Marie and Nicole Schlam all working in the Waroona office. Coming from a small family business of my own, I loved how close-knit everyone was.” She described

Over the past 10 years Sheree has seen many changes within the company, including the head office relocations – Midvale, Forrestfield and now settling in Welshpool – to the end of contracts and acquisition of new ones. Despite all the changes and growth that Schlam has faced, Sheree’s outlook of the business remains the same.

“Even though Schlam is much larger now, I still get that sense of belonging to a ‘family’ and I love that.” She reflects.

Sheree continued to grow alongside Schlam, solidifying her role within the company and becoming an incredibly valuable asset to the team.

“Schlam has given me so many opportunities to grow and advance my career starting in accounts, stores, procurement/logistics, project coordination/management and now Branch Manager,” Sheree explains.

Creating an environment where employees are loyal toward your business starts with a deep understanding of what employee loyalty is and why it matters. Matthew Thomas, CEO of Schlam Group is proud of Sheree’s loyalty and success within the company.

“I think it’s wonderful to see Sheree rise to the Branch Managers’ position after 10 years at Schlam. She joined us as a young Accounts Officer and slowly but surely worked her way up through the business, adding to her skills and building her career.” Matt said.

Sheree has welcomed many newcomers during her time with Schlam and in addition to being a strong advocate for the annual Schlam Christmas party, she has often been there to provide advice and guidance to those starting out.

“I’m a strong believer that regardless of who you are, you can do anything you put your mind to. Enjoy the journey! I think Schlam has even bigger things to come, if the past is anything to go by” Sheree mentions.

It is natural to want quick results in your career, but Sheree has proven that if you practice patience, put in the hard work and keep your eyes open to opportunities, including those that you’ve never considered before, you’ll be surprised at how much you can achieve.

“I’ve found being part of the Schlam journey to date very rewarding and can’t wait to see where we go next.”

Matt Thomas has witnessed the deep respect she has from her peers.

“I can speak on behalf of all of the Payload manufacturing team who are delighted that she took this new role on. Sheree is a shining example of what can be achieved by a young lady in a largely dominated male environment – and an inspiration to other young females who aspire to reach the top” Matt said. 

Congratulations to Sheree for reaching such a remarkable milestone at Schlam!

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