Innovative Employee Benefits; When Compensation Isn’t Enough

Innovative Employee Benefits; When Compensation Isn’t Enough

In the current market, where companies are trying to lure people away from their employers in order to work for them, it makes sense that they’d be able to offer competitive benefits that are enticing and attractive. 

Gone are the days when a fancy coffee machine or some free snacks made a workplace attractive. Today, if a business wants to snag top talent, and more importantly retain them, they’re having to get much savvier with the benefits they offer. 

In regards to FIFO jobs – great pay, great site, a great roster – these are the bare minimum nowadays. It’s simply NOT enough. Sure, cool merchandise and comfortable uniforms are nice, and don’t get us wrong a big pay packet is certainly enticing. But there’s evidence to suggest that while these types of benefits may be welcome, flexibility and work-life balance are far more important to prospective candidates and existing employees. 

Particularly in the mining sector, where competition is fierce and people often feel like they are treated as just a number – providing a choice of rosters, job security, and a say on what is and is not included in their employment conditions are big wins. 

Moreover, people want to know that they’re part of a bigger picture and are contributing to something greater than clocking in and clocking out. They want to work for a company that truly does what it says it is going to do – for both its people and its clients. 

As we move rapidly into 2023, we encourage you to ask yourself, what does your current employer do that is empowering you? 

  • Do they challenge you?
  • Do they recognise and reward you?
  • Do they support your career, financial, personal goals?
  • Are they building a positive work environment and culture?
  • Do their values align with yours? 

At Schlam, we are on a mission. We are working toward offering more than competitive rates – we want to create an environment where you love working with us. 

Yes, Schlam delivers on great pay, a great roster and great sites but so do a lot of companies. How are we different? 

A great culture

Nothing is more important to us than building a good company culture. At Schlam, we are committed to bringing our people on a journey of success and growth. Our leaders want to engage more directly and deeply with our employees, and we let our employees bring their ‘whole selves’ to work.  

Salary and Compensation

We offer top rates for quality talent, but more importantly, we pay superannuation on all hours. We also pay for flights, accommodation, and uniforms like everyone else, but we also pay for your training and inductions. 

Do you want a casual or permanent contract? What about a locked-in pay review period? We offer that! 


We understand that some people just don’t want long periods away from home, and others just want to cash up fast! Other companies only offer set rosters that don’t suit their lifestyle but at Schlam we allow you to choose your roster and offer a variety of 8/6, 2/1, and 2/2 swings.

Various Field Service Options

Given our large customer base, Schlam can offer you work on all Tier 1 mine sites, among many others across the Pilbara and the Goldfields. We also have Perth-based options if you are wanting (or needing) to come back home for personal reasons. 

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

With access to over 40 sites, we can deliver on what you really want, not what we want. Whether that’s changing sites, rosters, working extra swings, working locally or even needing time off, Schlam can give you the flexibility you need. 

Career Development:

In 2022, we assisted 17+ Schlam employees through their Trade Upgrades from LV Mechanics to HD Mechanics. Schlam can pay for your HRWL tickets and upskilling courses too. With the right attitude, you can progress your career into leading hand/supervisor roles fairly quickly, and you’ll gain exposure to a huge range of heavy equipment. 

Job Security

All our positions can offer long-term contracts that guarantee work in a permanent role. Schlam is a rapidly growing company with an extremely high staff retention rate. 


We get it. We have been there. You’re fed up with working for people who lack passion and talent. Our team is respectful, supportive, transparent, direct, honest and very loyal. We do not focus on bums on seats – our business model is centred around finding and growing the right talent to build the most trusted and dependable teams. 

Anything else?

Yep, and all of these too….

  • Employee Benefits Program App with discounts at over 400 retailers
  • FREE Mental health and well-being support through our Employee Assistance Program
  • Fun social events calendar for staff and their families
  • PayTopper Referral Program – earn more without doing more work!
  • Salary Sacrifice & Novated Leases Available
  • Multiple Brand New Schlam Utes – Hilux or Cruisers for certain roles

Honestly though, is your company giving you all of that?

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