How To Future-Proof Your Job Skills

How To Future-Proof Your Job Skills

If you haven’t already noticed, the world moves fast, but the mining industry moves faster. Those that are set to succeed in the ever-evolving digital revolution, are the people who have embraced the changes and viewed them as learning experiences as opposed to setbacks.

With the world changing at such a rapid pace, so too are the skills required to keep us up to date and relevant in the workplace in the future. So, what can you do to maintain that relevancy, ensure continued employment and future-proof your job skills? Here are some tips from us – 


Subscribing to industry-related publications is a great way to keep your foot in the game. When you’re across the changes and transformations in your industry, you’re able to better prepare yourself and be a competitive player in the market. For example, the digitalisation of the mining industry is going to transform the way miners do business. Will your job (as you know it) even exist in 10 years, or will be replaced with technology?


LinkedIn might not be a first-choice platform for the blue-collar workforce, but you’ll be surprised how many tradespeople use it to keep connected to their network. Be sure to connect with colleagues and people you meet along your career journey, you never know when you’ll need them in the future.


Sure, improving your technical skills is an obvious step when growing your career, but have you considered sharpening your interpersonal skills too? Beyond the skills required to perform at your job, employers always look for great communicators, creative negotiators, and motivated leaders. These skills are sure to put you in the lead of the pack when it comes to new career opportunities.


Push yourself to keep your skills current, even if new developments don’t seem directly related to your current job. If that means becoming familiar with coding, virtual whiteboards, wearable technology, or AI, do it. Be willing to re-educate yourself and get up-to-speed with new tools and technology of your craft.


Nowadays, the world is more connected than ever before. Whilst the mining industry is lucrative, it is also influenced by international markets and global trends. Businesses operate more globally and are more culturally diverse than ever before, and chances are that your co-workers, clients, and stakeholders work in all corners of the globe. The more experience you can get working with them, the more confident you’ll be.

It’s important we all prepare ourselves and remain open for any uncertainties that may come our way. Put in place a solid contingency plan utilising these 5 tips and you’ll find yourself in the best possible position to take hold of any opportunities presented and elevate yourself in your chosen career.

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