Exploring Career Options At Schlam With Milos

Exploring Career Options At Schlam With Milos

This week, Milos joined Schlam Payload Solutions as a Technical Support Representative for the West Coast. 

While Milos might be new to the job, he’s certainly not new to the company after joining Schlam over three years ago when he started as a Field Service Mechanic. 

Milos said that his time at Schlam has been a bit of a wild ride. 

“I started on the tools, and before I knew it, I was supervising a team of other mechanics while still spinning spanners myself,” he said. 

He moved into a Field Service Coordinator role, which progressed into a Mechanical Supervisor job. 

Unlike many, he preferred a residential opportunity rather than a FIFO job, and within 12 weeks of starting with Schlam, he moved to Newman. 

“I wanted a residential job, and the company was supportive, so the family and I moved to the Pilbara,” he said. 

His career quickly expanded after moving to a country town as Milos was in the thick of things and could respond to client and company requests at a moment’s notice. 

“We love living in the Pilbara. The family and I are active in the community. I coach my daughter’s soccer team and used to compete in Moto Cross. I’m home every night and feel like clients trust me because I’ve invested my time here just like they have,” said Milos. 

When considering the next step in his career, Milos didn’t think of moving anywhere else but Schlam. 

“I’ve worked for multiple OEMs, and you feel like a number. The culture is totally different. That’s not the case here at Schlam. 

“The company has always looked after me. I’m happy here, valued here, and my voice is heard if I bring something up. I can see myself being here for many years to come,” he said. 

The move to Payload Solutions was an opportunity to stay with the company while progressing his career and learning something new. 

While the change from being a mechanic to a technical service representative for Schlam’s range of bodies and buckets is a big shift, he says that the company has been supportive. 

“I saw the job advertised and had a brief discussion with the GM of Sales and Business Development, and that was it. The wheels started turning inside the company, and now I’m here. Everyone across the business has been positive and encouraging. 

“It’s early days, and there is lots to learn, but I’m enjoying it. It’s a challenge, but being a mechanic, I feel like I can bring some out of the box thinking to the Payload Solutions division. 

Whatever the future holds, Milos doesn’t see himself moving from Newman any time soon, where he’s embedded in the community and even has his own side business selling gym supplements. 

“I think it adds a level of confidence for our clients that they have someone in the community, who they see at events and down the shops. It’s a bonus that I can be on-site within an hour to assist with anything that comes up.” 

“I’m grateful to everyone in the business but especially Mat Rigby and Cam Currie on the People Solutions side and Ben Baker and Ken Morris on the Payload Solutions side.” 

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