High-Pressure Cleaning

High-Pressure Cleaning

Oil leaks and grease hiding critical faults in your heavy mining equipment?

Mechanics can’t fix what they can’t see. So how can you expect your maintenance people to spot issues before they become costly problems when they’re working on equipment covered in layers of grease, grime and dirt?



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Reduce the risk of unexpected failures

Our high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning service quickly blasts the problem away. Once your machine has been removed from service and positioned on the site wash-pad, a team of up to eight can extensively clean your machine so you can get it quickly into the workshop.

If your mechanics find the equipment is defective after cleaning, then the repairs can be carried out immediately, reducing the risk of costly downtime because of preventable failures in operation.

Clean equipment not only makes inspecting, repairing, and maintaining heavy machinery easier, it also encourages operators and maintainers to take better care of your assets by giving them a strong sense of pride in the equipment.

Mining high-pressure and high-temperature cleaning service

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