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Celebrating Our 100th Barracuda Bucket

Schlam Payload recently celebrated a momentous milestone – the production of our 100th Barracuda Bucket. This achievement is a testament to the extraordinary dedication, hard work, and craftmanship of our incredible team. It is their unwavering commitment that has brought us to this proud moment, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share in this

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Supporting our STEM Stars

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics. While these disciplines may not appeal to everyone, they do play a major part in our lives – at work and at home. Recently we played our part in showing students that STEM can be rewarding, and fun. Through STEM, students develop many key skills, including problem solving, creativity, critical

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No Challenge Is Too Big For Our Schlam Superstar

It’s March 2020, Australia was blissfully unaware of a once-in-a-generation pandemic about to hit its shores. Whether it be travel plans, wedding preparations or perhaps getting ready for the arrival of a new family member, everyone had something to look forward to.  For Kirstie, her 2020 started with a career change, accepting a newly created

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Local Waroona Talent Now A Rising Schlam Star

As an organisation, Schlam supports its team members in achieving their personal career goals. Skill development, trade-up opportunities, and career progression are just some of the many opportunities offered to employees at Schlam. We’ve seen several people develop their careers with Schlam, becoming key players in our winning team. Clay, the Workshop Supervisor for the

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