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People issues shouldn’t be an issue

The responsibility of maintaining a fleet of mining equipment is hard enough, without also having to contend with people issues. Such the availability of good people when you need them, the inconsistency in quality and skills of seemingly ‘experienced’ people from one swing to the next, and having to deal with green workers who have never been on site before.

We’re here to help take the pain away.

How we know exactly what you want

Some people firms are great talkers. At Schlam, we’re great listeners. We listen to what is causing you pain, and then we find a way to solve it for you.

It’s how we know that you’re not really interested in a people firm that supplies arms and legs. Which is why workers need to be more than just superstars in what they do to join our team. They also need to have the right attitude and be a good cultural and safety fit. We believe this is so important that every person who wants to join our mechanical team is interviewed personally by our leadership.

It’s how we know that you don’t want any delays in mobilising. Which is why every person on our team is pre-inducted for your site. Even if they never end up working for you, by investing upfront in getting people site ready, we know we’re always ready when you call.

It’s also how we know that you don’t want to speak to lots of different people every time you need something. As we’re a family-owned company, one phone call is all you need to make to us.


How we can help you today

Backfill Support

Skilled mechanical people to cover for scheduled annual leave, or unplanned sick leave or absenteeism. When someone doesn’t fly, we’ll pull out all stops to help you fill the gap so you can keep your mobile equipment working.

Peak Load Support

Unplanned maintenance where multiple machines go down at the same time. Maintenance backlogs or shutdowns where you need to bring in a large team of different trades working at different times of the day and night. We also have fully equipped and inducted field support teams who can drive straight into your site and start work.

Specialists Skills Support

When you need select individuals who specialise in certain makes and models of machine. For shutdowns, we can also provide specialist mechanical teams to complete small to large-scale outages safely and efficiently.

Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services



Superstars in every discipline

We’re looking for people who want to build and create things, who see a challenge and want to take it on, and who have keen sense of higher service.

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