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Time is money in mining

Unexpected breakdowns and problems with your mobile and fixed plant equipment start costing you money the moment they occur. So, the longer you have to wait for your maintenance provider, the more money it costs you.

Inflexibility is one thing, but when you do get a person to site you might not get your problem fixed at all. Many providers employ people that are great in one area, but lack expertise outside of their narrow field, meaning they can’t work on all your different make and models of equipment.

+25 years

Of mobile equipment maintenance

If you have an outage, our field service team has the solutions

We have a fully equipped field service team operating across the Pilbara when you need the smarts as well as the resources.

Thanks to our engineering mindset our clients have come to rely on us to troubleshoot their problem and determine the best solution. Supported by the right equipment and facilities, we focus on consistently delivering quality, reliable and competitive services.

Our field services team draws on our longstanding global relationships with world-leading OEMs and specialist partners. Our strong network extends to major suppliers, enabling us to guarantee parts and supply inventory availability at the best prices and to the highest quality standards.

With 25 years of experience in heavy mobile equipment maintenance, Schlam has the experience and know-how to deliver maintenance and optimisation projects safely and efficiently for your operations.


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