HME Shutdowns

operate at peak efficiency for longer


The success of a mine site goes beyond the quantity or quality of dirt that its equipment can handle. It hinges on the seamless operation of every piece of machinery, ensuring that it runs like a well-oiled machine.

This is where planned Heavy Mobile Equipment (HME) shutdowns play a crucial role. By conducting regular maintenance on haul trucks, excavators, and other equipment, you can ensure that your assets operate at peak efficiency for longer.

However, every moment that your equipment remains idle translates to thousands of dollars in potential lost revenue.

That’s why it is crucial to meticulously plan any downtime, prioritising maximum safety, minimal disruption, and minimising the risk of unexpected machinery failures due to lack of proper maintenance.

Typically, planning these shutdowns involves navigating through the complexities of multiple vendors and conflicting schedules.

But with Schlam, you get a single point of contact from beginning to end.

Comprehensive and meticulous

As a leading provider of mobile and fixed plant maintenance and asset management solutions, Schlam offers a comprehensive approach that adds value throughout the entire process of shutdown maintenance.

HME Shutdown Solutions

Our consolidated HME Shutdown Solutions bring together all our diverse services, reflecting our commitment to being the go-to specialist supplier for HME maintenance services.


Our high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning service quickly blasts the problem away. Once your machine has been removed from service and positioned on the site wash-pad, a team of up to eight can extensively clean your machine so you can get it quickly into the workshop.

If your mechanics find the equipment is defective after cleaning, then the repairs can be carried out immediately, reducing the risk of costly downtime because of preventable failures in operation.

Clean equipment not only makes inspecting, repairing, and maintaining heavy machinery easier, but it also encourages operators and maintainers to take better care of their assets by giving them a strong sense of pride in the equipment.

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