HME Shutdowns

HME Mining Shutdowns

The complete end-to-end HME shutdown solution

A mine site’s success is not only defined by the quality or amount of dirt its equipment digs or processes but importantly its ability to function like a well-oiled machine. 

That’s where planned heavy mobile equipment (HME) shutdowns come in. Planned maintenance of haul trucks, excavators and other equipment is needed to ensure that your assets continue to work at their optimum efficiency, for longer.

However, every hour that your equipment is idle costs you thousands of dollars in potential revenue.

That means that it’s vital that any outage is meticulously planned for maximum safety, minimum disruption and to decrease the risk of unplanned downtime if machinery is not properly maintained.

Planning this shutdown work usually involves dealing with multiple vendors and conflicting schedules.

With Schlam, you’re dealing with a single company from start to end

Schlam is a leading provider of mobile plant maintenance and asset management solutions. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to deliver value throughout all stages of shutdown maintenance activity.

Our consolidated HME Shutdown Solution packages all of our services and embodies our mission to be a sole supplier of choice for HME maintenance services.

  • Pre-shutdown pressure cleaning
  • NDT testing & machinery inspection
  • Welding & attachment repairs
  • Heavy diesel mechanical services
  • HV & LV electrical services
  • Line boring
  • Engineering design & heavy fabrication
  • Offsite repair & component rebuilds
  • Shutdown supervision
  • Pre & post shut planning support

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