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Schlam Cru Board of Directors Announces Appointment of Nicky Firth

Schlam Cru is pleased to announce the appointment of Nicky Firth to the Company’s Board of Directors. Nicky will serve as an independent, non-executive Director. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Schlam Cru provides specialised technical repair and maintenance services for heavy mining equipment to top-tier mining companies. Schlam Cru employs over four hundred Technical Specialists

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Schlam Cru’s journey to building a strong Employer Brand

One of the most powerful tools in an organisation’s arsenal is its employer brand. A strong employer brand serves as the cornerstone of an organisation’s ability to attract, engage, and retain top talent. A compelling employer brand serves as a magnet, drawing in talented individuals who are not only qualified but also aligned with a

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Schlam Cru’s Expansion; Led by David Shoesmith

It’s becoming more apparent that Schlam Cru continues to surge forward with unstoppable momentum, introducing a barrage of new initiatives in recent times. Among these new developments, the launch of Schlam Cru’s expansion into other commodity markets marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. With a proven track record of excellence in mechanical operations

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New to the Cru: Introducing Nicole – GM of People & Culture

In today’s fiercely competitive business world, none more so than the mining industry, the ability to attract and retain top talent is paramount for achieving success. We know that when individuals feel valued and respected in their workplace, they are more inclined to work together towards shared objectives, elevating morale and overall performance. That is

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How To Future-Proof Your Job Skills

If you haven’t already noticed, the world moves fast, but the mining industry moves faster. Those that are set to succeed in the ever-evolving digital revolution, are the people who have embraced the changes and viewed them as learning experiences as opposed to setbacks. With the world changing at such a rapid pace, so too

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Managing Fifo Fatigue

With 24/7 operations, heavy machinery, demanding rosters, intensive interstate commutes, disruptive sleep and challenging working conditions, FIFO working environments are continually a serious fatigue risk in Australian mining.  Fatigue is more than feeling tired and drowsy. It is a state of mental and/or physical exhaustion that reduces a person’s ability to perform work safely and

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The Rise Of Women Does Not Mean The Fall Of Men

There are always winners and losers in the war for talent, and the stakes are higher than ever for companies that want to achieve gender equality.  Movements like #MeToo, #TimesUp and the significant global rise in International Women’s Day activity in every corner of the world. This year’s theme – #EmbraceEquity, is making headway for

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What Is a MEM Boilermaker And How Do You Become One?

Western Australia’s thriving mining industry means there’s a high demand for skilled Heavy Fabrication tradespeople. In particular, a Boilermaker’s job prospects are very healthy right now, especially in the mining industry where large pay packets and exciting projects lure some of the best craftsmen and women in their field.  At Schlam, our Fabrication crews in

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Innovative Employee Benefits; When Compensation Isn’t Enough

In the current market, where companies are trying to lure people away from their employers in order to work for them, it makes sense that they’d be able to offer competitive benefits that are enticing and attractive.  Gone are the days when a fancy coffee machine or some free snacks made a workplace attractive. Today,

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