Mining Maintenance

Schlam Cru’s Expansion; Led by David Shoesmith

It’s becoming more apparent that Schlam Cru continues to surge forward with unstoppable momentum, introducing a barrage of new initiatives in recent times. Among these new developments, the launch of Schlam Cru’s expansion into other commodity markets marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. With a proven track record of excellence in mechanical operations

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Schlam welcomes new Fixed Plant Maintenance division

As the demand for specialised maintenance services continues to grow, Schlam has taken a bold step forward with the launch of its new Fixed Plant Maintenance division. This exciting expansion is being spearheaded by new recruit Kaze Richardson, a dynamic and experienced fixed plant professional who is determined to drive operations in the Pilbara and the Goldfields

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“Cleanliness is next to godliness”; sage advice on the importance of clarity and spotlessness for higher functions to be carried out in our lives. When it comes to the safety, function and maintenance of your earthmoving and mining equipment, the properties of cleanliness and attention to detail remain just as divine. Attention to detail is

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