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Hercules: Changing The Future Of Mining, One Load At A Time

The Hercules’ innovative curved dump body design is revolutionising the payload capacity of all classes of haul trucks. The Hercules is lighter, stronger, more durable, requires less maintenance and can carry more dirt than the rest. The curved design reduces stress throughout the dump body, enabling us to go thinner and lighter while maintaining structural

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How A Humble Shackle, Co-Designed By Schlam, Won Gold At Qld Mining Awards

A chance encounter at the WA Mining Conference & Exhibition in 2021 led Schlam to collaborate with Queensland-based SOFT RIGGING SOLUTIONS (SRS) to develop a lightweight, yet high-strength, Tray Retention System (TRS). One year later, this very encounter has resulted in taking out the winner’s trophy for the Hastings Deering Safety Initiative Award at the 2022 QUEENSLAND MINING AWARDS in Mackay.

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Mine Design And Electrification Reducing Emissions Of Haul Trucks

The mining industry is continuously looking for ways to improve efficiency, cut costs and reduce carbon emissions. One of the biggest areas of savings is fuel. According to a report by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the Australian mining sector uses 10% of the country’s energy use. And it consumes approximately five billion litres of diesel

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Nearly 1,500 Hercules dump bodies have been designed and deployed across Australia, and that number is growing by the day. The design may not have changed much over the years to an untrained eye, but nothing could be further from the truth, according to technical sales manager Tom Smith. “To be honest, the perception that

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