Schlam Cru Board of Directors Announces Appointment of Nicky Firth

Schlam Cru is pleased to announce the appointment of Nicky Firth to the Company’s Board of Directors. Nicky will serve as an independent, non-executive Director. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Schlam Cru provides specialised technical repair and maintenance services for heavy mining equipment to top-tier mining companies. Schlam Cru employs over four hundred Technical Specialists

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Building Better Careers Through Technology

At Schlam, our dedication to innovation and technology goes above production efficiency—it’s about nurturing the skills, careers, and well-being of our people. We believe that by fostering an innovative work environment, we can meet the growing demand for our products and fleet maintenance services while simultaneously offering our people opportunities to thrive within a world-class

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Celebrating Our 100th Barracuda Bucket

Schlam Payload recently celebrated a momentous milestone – the production of our 100th Barracuda Bucket. This achievement is a testament to the extraordinary dedication, hard work, and craftmanship of our incredible team. It is their unwavering commitment that has brought us to this proud moment, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share in this

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From humble beginnings to global success – The story of Ryan Schlam

From a young apprentice to a visionary leader, Ryan Schlam’s journey is a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and relentless hard work. Have you ever wondered how the rise of Schlam Group came to be? Having embarked on his apprenticeship as a boilermaker in his father’s precision welding business in Yarloop at just

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Announcing Our New Commitment Charter

We’re delighted to share our new Commitment Charter, which is focused on innovation and aligned with our company ideology. At Schlam, our journey of growth is not just about expanding our business; it’s about embracing a global mindset centred on responsibility for those that rely on us. Our Commitment Charter serves as our guiding compass,

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Ryan Schlam Wins at the 40 Under 40 Awards

In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, few accolades carry as much prestige and significance as being named on the 40 Under 40 list. These awards honour individuals who exhibit exceptional leadership, innovation, and impact in their respective fields, all whom are under 40 years old. Among the distinguished recipients of the 2024 40 Under 40

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Celebrating Our 2000th Hercules dump body

Schlam Payload Asia-Pacific recently celebrated a significant milestone – the delivery of their 2000th Hercules dump truck body. The completion of Hercules A2000 stands as a clear testament to their dedication to excellence, customer service and innovation in mining equipment. Hercules A2000 has been transported to a BHP mine site in the Pilbara, joining over

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Schlam Cru’s journey to building a strong Employer Brand

One of the most powerful tools in an organisation’s arsenal is its employer brand. A strong employer brand serves as the cornerstone of an organisation’s ability to attract, engage, and retain top talent. A compelling employer brand serves as a magnet, drawing in talented individuals who are not only qualified but also aligned with a

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Schlam Cru’s Expansion; Led by David Shoesmith

It’s becoming more apparent that Schlam Cru continues to surge forward with unstoppable momentum, introducing a barrage of new initiatives in recent times. Among these new developments, the launch of Schlam Cru’s expansion into other commodity markets marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. With a proven track record of excellence in mechanical operations

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Schlam 500 Employee and Counting

500 and counting: Embracing growth as Schlam welcomes its 500th employee

As Schlam celebrates the addition of their 500th team member, they mark a significant milestone in their journey. This achievement not only showcases Schlam’s growth as a prominent employer but also highlights their steadfast dedication to nurturing talent and creating opportunities for individuals to thrive. From the outset, Schlam has prioritised the cultivation of a

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