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Track Straight – Conveyor Belt Tracking

What happens when a conveyor belt running 6,000 tonnes of iron ore every hour suffers from alignment issues?

The answer is potential damage, a lot of mess and possibly a serious injury as someone intervenes manually.

As a way to prevent this scenario and eliminate the risk of wasted time and energy along with the loss of productive time, mining companies have turned to Track Straight to install its conveyor belt alignment systems at iron ore mine sites in Western Australia.

Online security tracking tool

The elimination of live works is the key goal of our track straight systems

Our safety tool allows safe online tracking of a conveyor belt through the manipulation of tracking frames both trough and return.

Tying up tracking frames is also done during isolation. Still, the resulted down time can be a costly process, our mechanical units remove the need for isolation while our automatic systems can correct conveyor tracking without the conveyor shutting down.

Track Straight can provide a system for a variety of tracking requirements, from simple mechanical adjustment tools that eliminate the requirement for isolation to fully automatic systems that can detect and correct belt drift before the system shuts down.


  • Retrofits onto existing tracking frames
  • Proximity switch logs when the unit is activated
  • No need to isolate
  • Safe online incremental conveyor belt tracking
  • Mechanical and electrical options


  • Reduced clean-up costs
  • Extended conveyor life
  • Elimination of live works
  • Reduced conveyor belt down-time
  • Reduced loss of production
  • Positive culture change

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