Who We Are

Who we are in the mining business

What we do at Schlam is make mining equipment more productive

How we do it is by solving the maintenance and payload challenges that keep your mine from being better tomorrow than it was today.

Better doesn’t come easy in mining. If it did everyone would be doing it. How we help you raise the bar is by focusing on the three things that really matter for equipment productivity: Payload, People and Engineering.

Our Structure

Since our inception over 25 years ago Schlam has grown to become a leading provider of diversified mining and engineering services

We realise value and unlock productivity opportunities for our mining partners and engineer, manufacture and maintain the assets critical to their success. Today we stand as an organisation that has an Australian focus, global reach and growing aspirations to be a world class engineering company.

Across our organisation we work hard to attract and retain the best people in the industry. Our team is committed to knowledge sharing and continuous improvement, learning from mistakes as well as our successes. We are all about adding value and see our work as an extension to your ability to achieve more with less.

With an active workforce across Australia and the ability to work internationally we are able to tailor fit-for-purpose teams who are focussed on achieving mutually beneficial objectives.

That’s why we aim higher.

A unique engineering mindset

We started in 1996 as a problem-solving engineering business. This engineering mindset is ingrained into everything we do, whether you’re using one of our ground-breaking payload products or you have a Schlam Superstar working on your equipment.

Today, we’ve grown to become one of Western Australia’s largest privately-owned mining services companies and you’ll find our products and maintenance people at work across mines on six continents.

With an ambition to be at every mine in the world, we’re still working to become the business we want to be.

Customer experience is what drives us

Delivering exceptional customer experiences is what gets us up each day. For us, this goes beyond just making sure we deliver what we promise. It means seeing the bigger picture of how our products and services impact your mining operations.

It’s this ability to take a holistic view that enables us to solve your productivity problems more effectively.

Our Solutions


Payload products that challenge what you think you can achieve with your fleet of open pit and underground machines.

  • Hercules Open-Cut Dump Bodies
  • Bullant Underground Dump Bodies
  • Barracuda Buckets


The experts in equipment maintenance, rebuilds. shutdowns and cleaning. Ready to join your team for as long as you need them, or to bring their expertise and field equipment to your site at a moment’s notice. 

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Line Boring
  • High-Pressure Cleaning


Our engineering mindset and holistic view of equipment productivity means we have the people and technology to help you rethink and reinvent the way you’re currently doing things.

  • Mechanical Reliability Problem Solving
  • Product Engineering and Design
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Material Flow Modelling and Wear Analysis
  • Custom Fabrication and Machining

Making mining products more productive on six continents


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