Schlam Policies

We are accountable to everyone who relies on us

Schlam Policies


At Schlam, we strive to be proactive in preventing workplace injuries and illnesses. Our priority is to provide a safe workplace for our employees. To support this, we are committed to providing the resources required to eliminate or manage all safety hazards and risks.


Schlam adopts a personal approach through identifying, monitoring, and managing environmental effects caused by workplace activities. We believe that every effort imposed will reduce the impact on the environment in which we operate and count towards overall community commitment.

We strive to identify opportunities that will improve our environmental management at every stage of our projects, from design through to commissioning.


Schlam is committed to providing excellent products and services to customers within the industry we work in. We are committed to meeting legal and other requirements and create exceptional value for customers through our commitment to the continuous improvement of our quality management system.

Human Rights

Schlam respects the human rights of all people involved in our business activities. We aspire to foster a safe and collaborative workplace in which all employees respect each other’s diverse range of experiences and backgrounds. Our commitment to human rights is a joint responsibility by all those involved in our business, including supply chains and business partners.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Schlam is committed to acting with honesty and integrity and conducting its business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Bribery and corruption adversely impact the business environment by undermining legitimate business activities.

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